Eleven Years.

I can't believe how time has flown. Eleven years ago I made my first post on this blog.

I had only been knitting for half a year, and I already had taken my first steps in spinning. I never go in just halfway to a new fixation.

In some ways, my approach to my crafts hasn't changed much. I'm still afflicted by startitis and sometimes overly ambitious (I had been spining for about 2 months when I decided to spin a sweater).

Knitting led naturally into designing, as I gained confidence modifying existing patterns and coming up with my own. It's been a long time since I've released anything, but the creative spark hasn't left me.

My first bulky raglan shrug - my latest handspun sweater

Of course, in the meantime I have also gained two degrees, moved countries, and built a career in marketing. I got my first digital marketing job partly thanks to my blogging and my designing - and now, in turn, I am taking a critical eye to my older patterns and using the graphics and layout skills I've gained from my jobs to pay it back.

The time and energy I've had to devote to knitting has waxed and waned over time - currently, I'm in a new upswing.

281 knitting projects. 227 FOs. 77 handspun projects. 29 published designs. (and, while I can't promise any timeline yet... more to come)

Happy new year, everyone.

PS - I'm also practicing my photography. Follow me on Instagram?


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  1. Hi! Wow, I am so impressed by all of your beautiful work!

    I'm not sure that you would remember me, but we went to school together (gifted program, anyway) and I still remember being impressed as you told me you were knitting a pair of socks! I personally still can't knit worth a damn.

    Anyway, happy new year! Congrats on 11 successful years, and here's to hoping you have many,many more!