An epic quest

All right, guys, I have decided...


To spin a sweater.

...I know, right? "You fool!", I can hear them yelling at me. I want to make Bad Penny and I just ordered up the last of Spunky Eclectic's amazing wool blend - a pound and a half of it, to go with the roughly half-pound I have here with me at the moment. Because you can do Bad Penny in two colors, I figure if I do run out I can just spin up something else to go with it.

It didn't really take me all that long to make a more-or-less worsted weight 2-ply out of this same wool for my Newsboy cap - which was about 160 yards. I'll need, like, 7 times that, at the most. I'm confident about this.

Well, seeing as I'm currently working on my first sweater*, what makes me think I can knit this?
Well, it's a top-down raglan, and I just did an Anthropologie Capelet. It was dead easy and turned out great. It's also in the round, and in the round is nice and easy and no seaming. So I like that a lot.

*This depends a lot on what you mean by "first" and a lot what you mean by "sweater". The first project I cast on was Stargazer, in an awful awful mohair, but I only finished the front piece of that and then put it into semi-permanent hibernation. I'll pick it up when I have the time, which might be never. Then the first garment I finished was Askew, a tank top in wool, though I've no idea if that counts as a "sweater". It's warm, but... it doesn't have sleeves. And then there's my Anthro Capelet which I love and everything, and it's got sweater construction and it's more like a mini-sweater than anything.
And then there's my dear Cherie Amour which I'm working on right now and totally love.

Wish me luck!


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