Color! Part 2

Handpainted cashmere sock yarn group shot

Last week, my sock yarn arrived! I was afraid it wouldn't arrive in time for spring break, because I had it sent to my home address in Cincinnati so I could dye it up at home (where I have a full kitchen and large microwave). But on Friday I had a large squishy package from Australia waiting for me. Boy was I thrilled. I did not hesitate to get to work.

Yellow and blue hand dyed sock yarn

Those are my first two attempts, in the microwave. One is orange, yellow, and green, which I had been planning for a while - 'Daffodils'. The second is sky blue with a splash of red, which I haven't been able to come up with a suitable name for yet. The boy picked out the colors and it came out nice.

I also tried a new method of dyeing, in the oven in a casserole dish. This allows me a little more control about where my colors go than my previous method, so I can come up with some really funky variegated yarns. My first try was this Ohio State University yarn, which I am calling 'Buckeyed'.

Brutus Buckeye Ohio State University sock yarn

Here is the group photo of my dyeing projects thus far, along with our mascot, Sheepy:

Handpainted cashmere knitting yarn for socks

I have a few more undyed skeins waiting for me back home, and I'm planning on ordering some lace yarn to play with also. But I probably won't work on those until I go home for the summer, or I get enough interest in my shop, whichever comes first. If all of a sudden I sell out of my sock yarns, I'd be crazy to leave the rest undyed :)

I am listing the yarns as fast as I can, though this is the first week of a new quarter so I'm busy with classes (sadly!). But, the full offerings of what I've listed so far can be found here, in the 'I dyed yarn' section of my shop.

Once I am through listing the sock yarns, I am going to work on patterns! I've had some interest in patterns for my sachets and limes, so once I write those up I will be selling them through Etsy and Ravelry. Also, stay tuned for a free pattern here on the blog soon!



  1. Nice yarn! How about "Sunset" for the unnamed blue and red yarn? The sky is blue and some of the prettiest sunsets have red in them. :-)

  2. Those colors are beautiful. Can't wait to see what you make with them:-D

  3. Oooo wow those colors are gorgeous! You have a great eye for color! Makes me want to get more yarn.. ooooo I love yarn. I haven't been knitting lately tho! I have to finish the socks I'm doing before I can buy more yarn!

  4. I love the daffodils kind- it's really interesting! Thanks for the comment about my clutch. I think I'm keeping it after all. I made myself finish it, and even though it's not quite my taste it is pretty cute. And the yarn is mini mochi- which I LOVE by the way. Good luck with the classes:)