Some small updates

Happy April, all... I'm not pulling any pranks on you, because I don't enjoy being fooled myself. ;) Just posting a few miscellaneous things.

  • All my sock yarns I have dyed so far are up, here, in the 'I dyed yarn' section of my shop.
  • Thanks to all the Entrecard users who have visited this month, especially those who have commented. I really enjoy reading your comments! These are my top five droppers for last month:
  • I am currently working on writing up some patterns, the first of which will be posted for free on this blog. Stay tuned for a free pattern for the Alethiometer Mitts, inspired by the Golden Compass film.
  • After that, I will be releasing patterns for sale on Etsy and Ravelry for my knitted limes and knitted lavender sachets in three shapes. After that, I have a few other designs brewing in my head that I'll be working on that I may need test knitters for. Let me know if you are interested, and I will contact you when I have my patterns ready - one for a steampunk cardigan, one for a set of winter wear (a hat, cowl, armwarmers and legwarmers), and possibly a few different sock patterns.
  • I have some Project Wonderful ads up for bidding if anyone is interested: Square ads on the sidebar, and half-banner ads at the bottom of the page.
  • If you would like to be a fan of my shop on Facebook, you can do so here: I made yarn, by Joyuna. I post most of my shop-related news there.

That's it. Wishing you all a wonderful April!


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