Boys who knit are hot

The boy has come and gone. We parted, somewhat tearfully, at the airport yesterday evening. He is now back in the UK and I have returned to my dorm in Columbus. Life goes back to normal.

Mostly normal, anyway. The boy is now asking for knitting help from his mum and myself. I still can hardly believe it, but he's got himself the beginnings of a garter stitch scarf.

My boyfriend, learning how to knit

More below the cut.

He wants to finish it by our anniversary at the end of April, and give it to me. What a present.

Blue and tan Patons Classic Merino garter stitch scarf

We made a trip to Michaels one of the first days he got here, and he picked out some Paton's Classic Merino in a variegated blue and brown color (called 'Retro'). I handed him a spare pair of US 8 needles and proceeded to teach as best I could. It's really hard to teach something that's more or less as natural as breathing, all muscle memory at this point, but I did my best. It's surreal...

He shaved, and he's knitting. I must be dreaming.

My man knitting



  1. I've been spending lots of time knitting while Mom spends way too much time at the hospital. One day with my knitting bag over my shoulder the tall transportation guy who was taking Mom to x-ray asked about knitting. He told me about the things he liked to knit. He learned from his grandmother when he was very young. She also taught him to do cross stitch and stained glass. He says he finds it all very relaxing and a good stress reliever.

    hey we're did says Columbus?

  2. I love to knit but I'm not exactly skilled and I still can't imagine teaching anybody. I learned from a book years ago. I've made for scarves like he's working on there and dog sweaters but I can't seem to make a pair of socks.

    Anyway, that's a keeper you got there. I'd hang on to him if I were you.

  3. Oh yes. Definitely a keeper :)