2013, the Knitblog in Review

2013 was an interesting year for me - plenty of good, plenty of bad, and I certainly can't say it was boring. My job and other things have kept me from knitting as much this year as I have in years past, but looking back I am actually surprised at how much I accomplished.

If I had to reduce my 2013 to one thing, fiber-wise, it would be fleece. My very first FO post of the year was knit from yarn spun & processed from raw fleece (that Calorimetry remains my constant companion this winter, too). My fiber storage quickly filled up with gorgeous fleece over the course of the year - especially as I learned the versatility that some fibers offer. I even fell in love with some wool I never thought I would.

I delved further into spinning this year, enhancing my experience with many new tools - a niddy noddy for skeining, a set of Valkyrie combs which I adore, a book charkha and, most notably, my first full-size spinning wheel.

In knitting, I began to further explore colorwork - knitting beautiful Bunty Mitts and some wibbly socks, casting on the engaging Leighton House handwarmers, and knitting a sweater with a touch of stranding (and a matching hat!). I think my favorite FO of this year though, and also the very last, was a handspun scarf I knit for my sister out of natural Shetland lambswool.

Stitching in the Stacks library knitting book cover
My designs were published in two books, Stitching in the Stacks and American Sock Knitting, which was really a thrill. I also had a lot of fun writing up an interactive gift-knitting guide for time-strapped knitters.

Plenty of interesting things happened this year. A robot came to visit Knit Night. I wound the biggest center-pull ball, like, ever. I also foraged some wool from some very unusual sheep.
Ravelry came out with some awesome spinning features and Etsy finally added instant downloads.

Finally... Last year I published a post on my knitting resolutions for the year. How did I do...?

Knit at least one FO from stash, per month: I knit 6 FOs from stash, out of 14 total FOs for the year. So, I didn't meet this goal. I wasn't expecting the massive mojo loss I've had lately which has led to fewer FOs overall. I also have 3 WIPs that I have started from stash yarn, which would bring me up to 9 projects if I finish them.
Stashdown: My original goal was to reduce my Ravelry stash to 134 stashed yarns - I met this goal! Just barely - I have 132 yarns in my Ravelry stash. I also participated in a stashdown this year, resolving to knit more than I bought - I met this goal too! By my calculations, I bought 6300 yards of yarn (whoa) and I knit 6400 yards. A net loss, but a rather small one :\ I'll be continuing the stashdown into this year.
Queue-down: I am an obsessive queue-er, so I wanted to reduce the number of patterns in my queue. My original goal was to knit 12 FOs, reducing the queue to 333 (see above, unfortunately that failed). However I also had a goal to reduce my queue by deleting patterns I no longer wanted to knit, or moving them to favs. I did meet that goal - my queue currently stands at 265 patterns, or 9 pages :)
Personal sock club (6 pairs): I finished two pairs of socks, cast on two more, and finished one pair that wasn't part of the sock club. Failed.
Hexipuffs: Big fail. I think I only knit about a dozen or two hexis this year. However, I am getting close to a finished quilt...

Hm, 2 out of 5 ain't bad, right? ;)


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