One of a Kind

When you think about it, every handmade thing is unique. Totally unique, because no pair of hands works quite exactly the same way as any other person's.

Handspun handknit white textured lace scarf

This notion comes to the front of my mind when I work with my handspun. The object is totally unique, because no one would ever be able to reproduce this yarn in quite the same way. The slubs, the variations in twist, the quirks of the rolags from which I spun - they all create something totally new to the world. What some consider imperfection and fault, and others consider character - whichever it is, it's one of a kind.
Handspun 3-ply natural white shetland wool yarn and scarf

This is a scarf I've just finished as a Christmas gift. It was a tight squeeze - I cast it off on the plane to America, which is where I am now to present said scarf to my sister Christmas Day.
Reversible Midwest Moonlight Interweave Knits scarf pattern

The pattern, called Midwest Moonlight, is lovely - repetitive but interesting, textured and lacy, and attractive on both sides - and also forgiving of mistakes. Ideal for a scarf. It does knit up densely, so it eats yarn - I had to spin quite a bit more than I anticipated in order to make it a decent length. But it will be warm and sweet, and hopefully well-used this winter.


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