Yarn storage solution from an old CD shelf

You know when you're moving, all of a sudden everyone has old furniture they want to load off on you? My partner and I managed to fend off most of it, because we were moving into a small studio apartment... but one old CD shelf, similar to this one or this one, managed to find its way into our belongings during the move.

Of all the things to give us, we thought, this would have to be the most useless. Both of our music collections are almost entirely digital at this point -- we don't use CDs! Then, as we were unpacking our boxes, an idea occurred to me - these shelves were almost exactly the right size... for yarn!

Yarn stash display old cd rack shelf upcycling

Each section of the case comfortably holds 2-3 balls or skeins of yarn, or a WIP, or a handful of spindles. I've been looking for a practical and attractive way to both store and show off my yarn - now out of serendipity, I've found it. It's not the prettiest or the coolest yarn storage I've ever seen, but it works for me!
Stash storage and display solution from an old CD carrier shelf

Having the yarn out on display serves an important purpose for me, too - you know those skeins that you just can't figure out what they want to be? As they say, out of sight, out of mind -- if it's packed away in a plastic bin under the bed, I'll never decide what to make with it. If it's hanging out on the shelf and I look at it every day -- it will be easier to figure out what it should be!
Yarn and spindle storage repurposed old flatpack cd shelf



  1. That looks great and very inspiring!

  2. What an awesome idea...why didn't i think of that?! I just spent $70 at Valu getting shelving systems quite similar to this!!!!