Glasgow Mystery Solved

Earlier I posted about some mystery knitted goodies at the Glasgow Botanic Gardens. Well, I learned who the culprits were! The crafters behind it are the Glasgow PicKnitters, a mischievous yarnbombing knitting group.

Glasgow Pic Knitters Scotland UK yarn bombing graffiti at Kibble Palace Botanic Gardens

Oddly enough, I found out that the knitted pumpkin I found was the work of one of the woman I had met in Glasgow - Rita, AuntyRita on Ravelry. In fact, it is partially thanks to her that I made it to the School of Yarn at all - we met on the bus en route, and navigated to the church together.

The Picknitters apparently plant pumpkins around Glasgow every year - here's a report on last year's go with more photos. And you can meet some of the knitters in this BBC profile video.


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