USA Haul: Golding Spindle

I'm visiting my family in the USA, so while I'm here I've made a few orders to US-based sites -- either to save on shipping, or because the site in question doesn't ship outside of the US (cough, Knitpicks, cough.

Tom Golding purpleheart tsunami .8 ounce drop spindle ringspindle

The first thing I've ordered is a spindle that I've wanted for a very long time - a .8oz Golding Tsunami in Purpleheart. These spindles have a reputation for being beautiful and long spinners.

Golding spindle bag shipping

First of all, the shipping was extremely quick - I ordered it on Friday night, and it arrived here on Wednesday. It came in a large Priority Mail box stuffed with packing peanuts, securely cushioning the plastic bag containing my spindle. Inside is a brochure and some spindle care instructions -- even a sample of the sandpaper recommended for cleaning the brass ring!
Golding spindle care instructions oil and sandpaper

The spindle itself seems small and slight, but in the hand it's surprisingly heavy. It's really beautiful, with a shining brass ring and the bright purpleish wood of the whorl.

It's true what everyone says about Golding spindles - it is a surprisingly long and fast spinner. As I instinctively reached down to give the spindle another flick, I found that it was still spinning strongly. I could get used to this.
Ring spindle spinning drop spindle purpleheart whorl walnut shaft

All in all, I am incredibly pleased with this spindle. It's beautiful and functional, and I had no problems at all ordering it. Will I be in the market for another Golding? Well, we'll see.



  1. Oh my youve really convinced me to get one!!The one I WANT is $125 US and DH will kill me....

  2. Well a Golding is a bargain compared to that! ;) Depending on which one you get... But the simpler ones like mine are under $50, and there's plain wood spindles in the $30-40 range.

  3. Jealous! Goldings are on my list of spindles for someday.

  4. Just got my Golding spindle at The Maine Fiber Frolics (fiber show in Maine, the first weekend of June) They have a "used equipment" area and while pawing thru their used spindles, I found one that had the Golding label and info on it. Looks like the one you have, but I only paid $25 for it. Pristine condition. I never get that lucky but there it was!