200th Blog Post - Pattern Giveaway!

The giveaway has now ended. Thanks for your interest!
This is my 200th post! In honor of that, I will be giving away some patterns to my readers!

This giveaway will run until June 30, 2011. It is open to anyone in the world who has an email address. (Though, obviously, it helps if you're a knitter! ;)

Grateful Crane ShawletteRussell Square MittsAlessandrite Unisex Socks

First prize is a copy of every one of my pay patterns available to date - The Grateful Crane, Russell Square Mitts, Russell Square Tam, Alessandrite Socks, and Three Sachets, plus one more pattern of the winner's choice, by any designer, so long as it is available as a Ravelry download and at a maximum cost of $10.

Second prize is a choice of any two of my pay patterns (listed above).

Third prize is a choice of any one of my pay patterns (listed above).

The prizes will be delivered, via Ravelry gift, to the recipient's email account -- if you have a Ravelry account, then the patterns will also appear in your Ravelry library, entitling you to all future updates of the pattern(s).

To enter, there are two steps:

1. Sign up for my brand-new newsletter. When you leave a comment, I will check that you're on the list! :) There are two lists, sign up for either or both - The Weekly Blog Roundup is a weekly compilation of blog posts, while the Design Updates is a more occasional email with news about my patterns (free and pay).

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2. Leave a comment on this post, telling me you've signed up. For an extra entry, tell me who your favorite knitwear designer is and why. I'll start:

My favorite designer is Cat Bordhi. She is so endlessly creative, and I love how she can think outside the box with knitwear. She has perfected the knitted mobius and fantastic sock constructions. I take a lot of inspiration from her, and I aspire to be even a quarter as creative as she is.



  1. I signed up and my favorite knitwear designer on Ravelry is ADHD Knitting. Her items are so cute and whimsical - yet functional and pretty. I love how she will take a project which may seem daunting and just break it down to 'doable' proportions with easy to understand instructions.

  2. I signed up.

    I'm not great at choosing favourites, but one of mine is Julia Mueller - I love her intricate glove designs.

  3. I signed up for your newsletter! One of my favorite designers is Julia Noskova. I love making baby shoes, and her designs are so creative and fun!

  4. Hi, I signed up for your newsletter. My favourite designer is Jared Flood (aka BrooklyTweed). I find his designs to be elegant without being too fancy! I love that he has a number of shawls/stoles that can be knit in worsted weight- makes them so cozy! I am a huge shawl fan, and I love your Grateful Crane shawl. The name alone is so beautiful already!

  5. Hi.. so glad I found you.. I'm all over those mitts of yours.. and the sock pattern rocks!

    I am gonna have to pimp my fave new designer. Well, new to me anyway (I was out of the loop for a couple years after becoming an unwilling widow). Heather Dixon rocks!! She has a group on Ravelry "Army of Knitters" and some really cute sexy patterns.. KAL's, contests and pattern testing for fall going on!!

    Indulgence on Ravelry!

  6. Hi, I love your patterns! I signed up :)

    My favorite designer tends to change depending on my mood! Right now I'm really loving Tiny Owl Knits, her whimsical creations are really calling to me, I would love to knit them all!

    --alystyn on ravelry

  7. I subscribed! Your shawl pattern is GORGEOUS!!!

  8. I signed up.

    I'm a die-hard Elizabeth Zimmermann fan. :)

  9. I signed up for the newsletter! :) While I have yet to knit up one of his patterns, I love the work of Jared Flood.

  10. Hi, Joy! You might want to stop by my blog this morning (for the early post). There just might be something there for you. ;)

  11. Hi, thanks for the competition and the newsletter. My favourite designer is Evelyn A. Clark, she designs beautiful shawls and very clear patterns.

  12. I subscribed!

    My favorite knit wear designer is Jared Flood. I love his aesthetic and he designs very wearable knits for men and women.

  13. Signed up. Love your patterns. My fave designer right now is Rosemary Hill. What that woman can do with a lace pattern!

  14. I signed up for the newsletter, your patterns are lovely!
    It's hard to pick a favourite designer but one of my faves is Michelle Miller (Fickleknitter).

  15. I signed up for your new newsletter, awesome idea.

    My favorite knitwear thus far is Marleen van der Vorst. Can't get enough lace.

  16. I signed up. My favourite designer is Emily Ross (I can't wait to knit Haruni)!

  17. Hi Joy!!! All signed up for the newsletter! My favorite designer (that I can think of at the moment) is Cookie A because her sock patterns are so fun and innovative...and all top down from what I know. :P

  18. i signed up and my current favorite designer is stephen west because I am knitting his daybreak shawl right now:-)

  19. Hello, Joy! I love your Crane shawl!

    My favorite so far is Nancy Bush of the Estonian Lace fame. I know, she isn't a small indie designer, but she has made this lace possible for the likes of someone like me, living out beyond the boondocks!

  20. I signed up!

    I love Hansi Singh's creatures, so do my kids. I want to knit & wear Ysolda Teague's delicate creations. I'm challenged to be a better knitter by Jorid Lindvik's stranded designs, I won't let them beat me!

  21. I signed up.
    I have to admit my favorite designer is:
    Joan McGowan-Michael. I love the lines and the romantic grace of her designs.