The Etsy shop is back!

I've re-opened I made yarn by Joyuna! When I left for Tajikistan, I put the shop on vacation. Since I left for the UK shortly after, leaving most of my stock behind, I never opened it up again. Today I've decided to open it up, since that 'on vacation' page depresses me - and my shop page still gets some traffic, for some reason. I spent all that time promoting it in the past, it seems like a waste to have it totally closed down.
I made yarn by Joyuna Etsy PDF knitting pattern store
It doesn't have any yarn in it right now, only PDF patterns. Perhaps in the future I'll start selling handspun again; we'll see. For now, I'm working on listing all my patterns on Etsy, for a slightly higher price than they are on Ravelry due to higher fees. If you prefer to shop on Etsy, please take a look - otherwise, you can purchase them on Rav where it's easier, cheaper, AND I get a bigger cut.


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