Funny search engine terms

(no knitting - I've just about doubled my stash in the past week, and I'm getting pictures updated, so expect some posts about that soon :)

Like most bloggers, I get a good amount of my traffic from the Great and Powerful Google. I like to go through every once in a while and see what terms are getting me hits. Here are some of the most interesting and eyebrow-raising terms I've found recently...

  • do i have a chance poems
  • anthony rapp boyfriend
  • hot boy knitting
  • jubilee x men
  • sharp nose with the necklace
  • what is the fibre content of silk (ummm...)
  • are you mark from rent
  • knitting pattern for brutus the buckeye (a new design idea?)
  • lace mushroom knit
  • circle delicious cake pics
  • what could be improved in superhero clothing
  • australian owls
  • upsize my bust

...of course, by making this list, am I only directing more people to my blog through these terms? Oops. Sorry, people who were looking for lace mushrooms (??) or sharp nose necklaces (????).


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