NaKniSweMo Knitting Complete!

(no photo yet, sorry!)

My NaKniSweMo Mrs. Darcy cardigan is all knitted! It's currently blocking. Off the needles, it fit perfectly - so let's hope it didn't grow too much after its bath.

If my calculations are right, the sweater ended up around 40,000 stitches, which technically means it's not a 50,000-stitch sweater but I don't really care, because now I will have a sweater that I did not have last month! ;)

And it's a beauty, too. It's knit in luscious Mmmm Malabrigo, in the colorway Jewel Blue. Here is Sheepy doing what I wish I could do, snuggling up with all that Malabrigo.

Sheepy and Malabrigo jewel blue yarn soft knitting

I actually have over a skein and a half leftover. I upsized the cardi and knit at a little bit smaller gauge, so I was very surprised to have leftover yarn! That means I knit this whole sweater with less than 500g of yarn. Sweet!

The scoop neck saves a lot of yarn. It's also kind of short; I'm thinking I should have made the body longer. I will be adding in a few rows of crochet edging at the bottom, so that should help.

I'll be back soon with pictures, as well as a full list of my mods! Have a great Thanksgiving all!


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