Today* is World Wide Knit in Public Day!
Are you knitting?

WWKIP World Wide Knit in Public Day calender sock SKA Sock Knitters Anonymous opal sock yarn

I've been out and about in my Ravelry button, knitting my sock. Haven't encountered any other knitters yet, but there's still time. At any rate, I'm taking lots of fun photos for the Sock Knitters Anonymous scavenger hunt. WWKIP Day is turning out to be a blast, even though I am 100 miles away from my beloved knitting group. I knit alone. T_T Ah well...

Tomorrow, I will show you all the SKA Scavenger photos I took on WWKIP Day. Exciting!

*Actuallly, today and tomorrow and next Saturday and Sunday are WWKIP Day. So I guess it should really be called WWKIP Weekends. The Cincinnati meetup is tomorrow, unfortunately I won't be able to go.


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