What else I'm working on: Cashmere Coriolis Socks

These socks are... heavenly. I just finished the first one, and I might not ever want to take it off. It's the same cashmere-merino-nylon (20-60-20) sock yarn that I've dyed up in my shop. It's really fantastic to wear. It's fuzzy and quite warm, and just oh, oh so soft.

Green and blue hand dyed Cashmere Merino sock yarn tall knitted socks

The pattern is Spiraling Coriolis from Cat Bordhi's New Pathways for Sock Knitters (part of my project to knit each of the pathways this year). I adore the look of this spiral sock, but a word of warning to anyone who might knit it: The spiraling bias ring on the sock is very inelastic compared to the rest of the sock. As you can see in the top picture, it's very tight around my leg, and this sock is a little hard to get around my heel. Had I not put in some extra calf shaping at the last minute, these socks wouldn't have fit.

I still love the way these socks look and feel. If I do Coriolis again I might try to make the ring a little less steep, so the ribbing can grow out of the spiral a little better. I used all 45 grams of yarn (=half of the hank) for this sock, and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get the ribbing done.

The ribbing is okay, but I would have knit it a little longer if I didn't have yarn constraints. What I did was I created the ribbing out from the spiral's path - so, part of the sock has many inches of ribbing, and the ending part only has about a half inch. I think it looks nice, except for the part where the old and new ribbing meet, because there's a huge line where the ribbing started. On the whole, though, I like it.

Handknit socks in green and blue hand dyed cashmere merino yarn

I was going to knit these socks for the Sock Knitters Anonymous sockdown (one of the March themes was Cat Bordhi), but it looks like I won't finish the second sock in time. Oh well, I had a lot of other things to do these past two months. With college life, the boy coming over during Spring Break, setting up the shop and everything else, knitted socks don't tend to get done. But they'll be done eventually, and my feet will sigh with bliss.



  1. wow! those socks look DELICIOUS. *stares at freezing toes*

  2. Those are gorgeous! I think I deserve a pair of cashmere socks too!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. Love the colors and I can only imagine how soft and yummy they feel on!

  4. The socks look great. I love the diagonal twist.