My latest obsession... handmade soap!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: opening an Etsy shop has led to me spending much more time on Etsy, which has led to much more buying on Etsy. Lately, as a quick browse of my favorites will confirm, I've been shopping for handmade soap.

Handmade soap is supposed to be better for your skin, and less drying, especially with ingredients like goat's milk and shea butter. I haven't had enough time to see results for myself yet, but something I love about these soaps are the variety and the sheer style of some of these bars. Check out one of my recent purchases:

Handmade Pistachio scented goatsmilk soap with almonds to exfoliate

This bundt-shaped goat's milk soap (with 'buttercream' scented frosting, even!) is pistachio-scented, with crushed almonds inside to exfoliate. I got it from Etsy seller Kimberquinn. Not only is the scent heavenly, but it's also really pleasant to use. The almonds give it just enough extra scrubbyness.

The beauty of handmade soap is that there are so many creative soapers out there, with an amazingly wide range of colors, features, styles and scents to choose from. I even found some Play-Doh scented soap, in Burnt Mill Candles & Soap's shop.

Handmade Play Dough Scented Cold Process Soap

Basically, don't do any type of search for 'soap' or 'bath & beauty' on Etsy unless you're prepared for several hours of browsing. Luckily, a normal sized bar of handmade soap can run you five bucks or less. So even if you do go crazy with the soap... which I have... it won't totally wreck your budget.

Assorted handmade soaps on Etsy


Shopping for soap may have a positive or negative effect on your diet. On one hand, you can purchase delicious-smelling and -looking soaps to satisfy your cravings. On the other hand, the smell of chocolate or lemon meringue pie may just leave you wanting more.

Remember folks: wash your hands well and often to prevent the spread of diseases (diseases like, say, influenza). And while you're at it, you might as well enjoy it with some sweetly scented handmade soap.



  1. Thanks for the boost. It definitely doesn't break the bank to splurge on a bit of luxurious handmade soap. In this economy, it is the saving grace of many a spa goer and the good news is: It lasts a lot longer than a facial. The best is when you can customize your order. At we offer the ability to customize glycerin and cold process soap so you get exactly what you want. Nice blog. Great topic! :)

  2. I am also addicted to hand made soap!! You've introduced me to some shops I didn't know about - thanks!! My favorite soap shops, that I have purchased from, and and
    Check them out if you have time!!

  3. I bought a ton of handmade soaps from a couple of Etsy sellers a few months ago-- I agree, set aside plenty of time for browsing! That Bundt cake one looks fantastic.

  4. I personally am in favor of goat's milk soap. Maybe because I am a goat...

  5. OMG I am now addicted to handmade soap too and a real snob about it!! I think I'd trade most of my shop for handmade soap. Great post.

  6. Please stop by and take a look at my soaps too. I think you might like them. Sending you smiles Katherine

  7. Kimberquinn has the best shop!