Sheepy: The Story behind the Sheep

Supermodel. Mascot. Cuddlebuddy. He is a sheep of many talents, but who is Sheepy really?

Stuffed sheep modeling a green and black striped handknit scarf

Sheepy is the wooly mascot of I made yarn. He models my scarves, he poses in pictures and he's my best inanimate friend (he sleeps with me ;). Click below for more.

Sheepy Hot Hugs sheep in handspun handknit wool orange scarf

Sheepy knows what people say about male models, and wants everyone to know that the rumors are NOT TRUE. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Sheepy wears a bow because he likes to feel pretty. There's nothing un-masculine about feeling pretty.

Brown and pink fair isle colorwork knitted scarf

Sheepy is a manly ram. A manly ram who likes to wear scarves and loves yarn.

Hand dyed sock yarn and stuffed sheep

Actually, I got Sheepy for Christmas from my boyfriend's family, when I was visiting them in the UK. And besides being a sheepy supermodel, he's almost as good as a nice warm hug when I need it.

Joy and Lewis and Sheepy together



  1. What a cute little sheep!

  2. Thanks for the ec drop! I love your colorful blog... and I'm inviting you to my blog again and if you like you can follow me and I will follow you.

    Have a great week!


  3. He's so cute...and a wonderful model for your scarves. I bet he's lovely and cuddly too!

  4. Sheepy's great! Manly men LOVE yarn.

  5. He's adorable and a great model!