Boyknit scarf: Best present ever.

Yesterday in the mail I got a big box of love. It was from the boy in England, for our third anniversary next Friday. Within the box was candy, a card with a wonderfully sweet note inside (I may have shed a tear), a stuffed owl, a mix CD... what more could you ask for?

How about a hug? A wooly hug.

Joy wearing boyfriend's first garter stitch scarf in Paton's Classic Wool Merino

I taught him to knit during spring break, and he sent me his first garter stitch scarf.

Detail of garter stitch scarf in Paton's Classic Merino colorway Retro

It's adorable, much like anyone's first garter stitch scarf. The edges are uneven, the stitches are looser at the beginning than at the end, there are odd holes... And it's made with love. And that makes it the best present I could ever imagine.



  1. Awh, I remember seeing the post you wrote with photos of him knitting it. It's nice to see it all done:) Well done, boy knitter, well done!

  2. Oh, hey! I'm in Columbus too! And your bf looks a lot like my husband, if my husband had shorter hair. Creepy!

  3. I'm very impressed! Teaching a man to knit is amazing in itself but the fact that he completed a project is even more amazing!!