Knitting goals

1. Knitting budget for the quarter: $10/week on yarn, $5/week on fiber.

2. I just finished my pair of Regia Bamboo socks, so I am allowed to start on my second "knee-sock" (1 ball of Knit Picks Felici makes a sock that only reaches my mid-calf. :\). However, I really *ought* to be working on my socks for Jacqueline.

3. Upon finishing *both* my socks for Jacqueline (not one, but both!), my size 0 needles will be freed up and I am allowed to cast on the Noro sock yarn that is sitting in my drawers looking very, very sexy.

I will not buy any sock yarn until I am working on said Noro socks. At that point I still probably shouldn't... but it isn't like I'm working on anything *but* socks nowadays anyway... Hm.
Except Cherie Amour.

4. Upon finishing Cherie Amour, I will cast on Lelah with Shine Sport. Yummy.

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