Spinning for pleasure | Polypay Polar Dip Pullover

I finished a sweater. It was a long, long time in the making.

Do you remember when I bought the wool?

Since I first spun the Polypay breed, I was enchanted with it. So bouncy, with just the right balance of softness and 'woolliness'.

And the carded roving was a true pleasure to spin long-draw.
Sometimes I feel like the reason I have continued to knit and spin after all these years is not because I particularly love sweaters and hats and socks - it's because I love the sensual aspects of yarn. The colours and textures, the spring in my hand.

This project has certainly been an example of that. All through spinning, and all through knitting, I took immense pleasure in this wool. Every few rows, I would look back at the fabric under my needles and couldn't help but smile. It's soft and elastic and just a little fuzzy.
I'm really happy with the fit, and the sweater overall. I've come a long way since my first handspun sweater!

This yarn is thinner, and more consistent, while still having a 'homespun' character. I love the texture it gives.
The pattern is Polar Dip, a basic top-down raglan with some simple but attractive colorwork at the yoke. It was easy knitting with just a few details to test my skills - I am an expert at the tubular bindoff now! Grafting is always a little bit of a pain, but it does give an excellent clean and elastic finish to the edges.

By the way, Shady Side Farm is still selling their wool roving on Etsy. I can't recommend it enough :) ShadySideFarm on Esty


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