Polypay sweater! (I'm getting crazier by the minute)

I'm just back from visiting the USA to see my family - it was a great trip, albeit rather last-minute. Right before I set off, I decided to order a few things that would be hard to find back in the UK. And by 'a few things', I mean two pounds of wool...

Polypay wool roving in natural and dyed colors from Etsy

The majority of it is Polypay wool roving (actual carded roving, not combed top - I'm not sure why so many Americans can't tell the difference) from Shady Side Farm. I was absolutely thrilled to find this shop - you might remember I encountered Polypay before at a workshop. And I quote...
"I would love to make a nice cushy (but still sturdy) sweater from this stuff. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get ahold of more Polypay in the future..."
Well, I did! Shady Side's Polypay is softer than the fleece sample I worked with, better reflecting its Targhee ancestry. I cannot say enough good things about this wool - soft, bouncy, very easy to spin. And yes, I'm planning to spin a sweater out of it, so it's a good job I'm pleased with it!

Polypay sheep carded roving and spindle spun singles

I have a pound of natural undyed roving and three balls of dyed wool in teal, yellow, and brown. I think it's a really nice combination (for a striped or colorwork yoke). I haven't decided yet whether I'll dye the white yarn or leave it natural. Another color would be hard to coordinate with the set I've already got, but I don't wear white or cream very well. We'll see...



  1. Looks like you have a lot of spinning in front of you to make a sweater, but those colors are HAWT!

    1. Thanks! When I saw them in the Etsy shop I thought they'd be perfect together, but I was scared that the photos wouldn't be accurate and they might not go well in real life. But it was fine - and I'm really pleased with the combo!

  2. I love those colors! And high five to a fellow drop spindler!

    1. High five! I adore my (rapidly growing...) collection of spindles and will defend them to the death. Plus I love being able to spin on the bus ;)