Kickstart it! Doomsday Knits

Most excellent designer Alex Tinsley has teamed up with Cooperative Press for a really exciting project: Doomsday Knits!

Doomsday Knits is just what it says on the tin: Knits for a post-apocalyptic future, in whatever form that may take. Zombies, robots, nuclear fallout... Basically these knits are futuristic, dark, cool-looking, possibly a bit impractical and definitely a whole lot of fun.

But they can't fund it on their own - which is where we come in. There are a whole bunch of excellent rewards, from patterns to designer buttons to discount tech editing! You could even get all of Alex's patterns she ever releases, for the rest of eternity ;)

But it's not just about the prizes. Good ideas deserve to be supported, which is why I'm voting with my dollars and backing this Kickstarter.


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