Tour de Fleece 2012 begins!

In one of the few instances where I can actually get excited about any type of sport, the Tour de France (and thus Tour de Fleece) is on! I've got my spindles ready and lots of new fiber ready to go.

Here are 8 new-to-me breeds for my fiber sampler project, which I got in a pack from woolforbrains on Etsy. The pack includes 20g each of Portland, Kerry Hill, Herdwick, Poll Dorset, Navajo Churro, Columbia, Southdown and Cormo.

Different varieties breeds of sheep for spinning top and carded fiber
My goal is to get through all of them by the end of the tour. I'm confident I'll be able to reach that goal, so hopefully I'll be able to do some more as well!

I've already gotten through the Kerry Hill, which is a wonderful bouncy, reasonably soft breed from Wales...
Kerry Hill sheep breed from Wales bouncy springy white fleece

and Navajo Churro, a primitive sheep of the Americas which comes in several colored varieties including this fabulous brown.
Handspun navajo churro sheep singles natural brown color
This will be my second Tour - last year I had a wonderful time and managed to spin every day. This year my schedule is a bit busier, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to spin every single day, but I at least hope to accomplish my goals and introduce myself to a bunch of new sheep breeds.


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  1. I love all the natural colors that churros grow. Looks like a fun set of exciting fibers!