FO Friday: LazyKaty

You may have noticed in yesterday's post... I finished my Lazy Katy shawl!

Unusual shaped shawl with lace border lazykaty

This shawl was just so quick, I could hardly believe it. The center stockinette portion just flew by, and the lace border was pretty simple as well. The crochet bind off was a bit tricky -- luckily, there's a video on YouTube that explains it well.
Lazy Katy handspun spindle spun shawl gradient colours

I upsized this shawl by quite a bit -- you're meant to knit to 153 sts before the border, and I knit up to 234. However, I did use smaller needles (I used 4s when the pattern recommended 8s). It did turn out bigger than the pattern as written, but not huge.
Curly spiral galaxy shawl green to blue to purple gradient colorshift

I really, really love it. It was easy to knit, but difficult to block, as you would imagine from the spiraling shape. I blocked it quite aggressively, and I ended up running out of pins! So there are a handful of scallops that didn't get pinned out... hopefully no one will notice ;)


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