Dead Easy DIY: Clementine Candles

I found this great idea over on Apartment Therapy via Pinterest. You can make your own candles (or oil lamps, really) from clementines.
Clementine orange oil lamp candles mood lighting do it yourself craft
If you don't care to click through their 30-photo slideshow (I don't blame you), here are the instructions in a nutshell.

Take one clementine, a sharp knife, and some olive oil. Slice the clementine skin in half, remove the fruit inside. Try to keep the fleshy bit in the middle intact - this will serve as your 'wick'. Choose the half of the clementine with the most 'wick' and pour some olive oil into it. Let that soak in for a minute or two. Meanwhile, cut a vent in the other half. Light the wick, place the top half over it, and enjoy your clementine lantern. That's all there is to it!

The 'wick' is a bit hard to light, but keep trying and you'll get it eventually. Try to be a little delicate when you're removing the skin off the fruit, so you can keep the fleshy center bit long enough for the wick.
Olive oil clementine tangerine candle lanterns all natural eco do it yourself
I feel like these would make awesome mood lighting at a party. You could even float them in a bowl or tub. Best of all, they release a subtle citrusy scent into the air (not very strong, but it's definitely there).



  1. So clever...I love these :) Would be so cute placed around at Christmas time!

  2. I saw that on Pintrest, too. So cute and simple!

  3. This is such a neat idea - I will have to try it!