Orange colorwork sweater FO

I didn't expect to finish a sweater before returning to the UK, but I did! This is Caitlin (kind of).

Colorwork sweater stripes stranding slipped st brown white black gray and orange merino silk and shetland handspun on spindle yarn

I made a LOT of mods to this pattern. Firstly, the pattern is written in pieces and I did it all seamlessly in the round. Second I altered the charts slightly. Third, I made up my own shaping and added bust darts. But at its heart, it's still the same sweater.
Slipped stitch colorwork yoke bohus stickning style orange and natural colored shetland wool

I'm so very pleased with this sweater. It's only a few months ago that I started it and since the majority of the body is plain, it went very quickly. The body of the sweater is done in millspun yarn - Lang Shetland Soft in orange. But, all the colorwork sections are done in my own handspun yarn, in Shetland yarn in natural colors plus a little bit of orange merino/silk. So, it's like training wheels to a handspun sweater - I didn't have to spin an ENTIRE sweater, but I still get to show off my handspun.

The Bohus-esque colorwork yoke of the sweater does a good job of flattering my shape, I think, as I had read about in Fit to Flatter. Amy Herzog might have recommended that I remove the colorwork section from my hips, but I like the balance it gives. At any rate, I'm almost itching to knit a 'real' Bohus now... maybe someday!



  1. A great sweater and it looks lovely on you!

  2. I give so much credit for those that can knit a whole sweater big enough to fit anyone but a small baby! I can't seem to keep my focus going longer than a washcloth, hat or pair of socks!!!!