Wollmeise fever

Wollmeise fever, I've caught it. Well, maybe. I made my first order earlier this month, and it's arrived! I ordered two sock yarn grab bags, one green and one orange/yellow.

I think a lot of the appeal of Wollmeise is the game, the thrill of the chase. It's true, I sat on the homepage with my check-for-changes script running, and it was a bit exhilarating to get those yarns in my shopping cart. And then, there was the waiting. And then, there was a note through my mail slot. And then, finally, a few days later, there was a package.

I was actually surprised that there were a few extras included in my order - some German gummy bears, and a free pattern as well. For such a popular yarn, which sells out the day it's updated every time, it's very pleasantly surprising that the dyer Claudia still thinks to include extras in the order.

Wollmeise German Claudia yarn hand dyed indie dyer order

Also - the bags the yarn comes in are completely adorable! They feature a list of knitting terms in German and English. Click for larger!
Wollmeise bag German to English knitting translation

Okay, so after all that, what was in my grab bags? Four skeins of Wollmeise twin...
Lowenzahn Wasabi We're Different wollemeise yarn order colors
We're Different - Loewenzahn and Wasabi
Wollmeise WD dyeing seconds grab bag twin merino nylon sock yarn Kucken Sonne
We're Different - Sonne and Kueken

I love them all, except the Loewenzahn - will probably trade that one. They're incredibly bright, and I was surprised how the yarn feels - it's quite stiff, and a bit "cottony". I know from pictures it will have great stitch definition, and I already know what I'm going to make with the two yellow skeins. And with 150g per skein, I might be able to squeeze two pairs of socks out of a skein...!!!


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