Spindles multiply (part one)

I've heard some say that spinning wheels multiply, which is a bit of a frightening notion for me, given their price! Spindles, however, multiply as well. In the past couple weeks I've acquired two new little beauties, and I have my eye on a few more.

The first one I bought was a Wildcraft resin spindle. I've been itching for one of these spindles for a long time, because they're just so darn beautiful. The artisans at Wildcraft embed flowers, leaves, and other bits & bobs into the whorls of their spindles - the effect is incredible.

Wildcraft resin whorl drop spindle blue larkspur

My spindle has blue larkspur in the whorl, a walnut shaft, and weighs 24gm - about .85 oz. They included a very generous sample of shetland roving in with it, as well! And by generous, I mean - I spun up as much of that roving as the spindle can hold, and I still have loads left!

The whorl is small in relation to the rest of the spindle, so I find it isn't as long a spinner as the other spindles in my collection. The small whorl also means it doesn't hold very much fiber, but I'm working on trying different winding techniques to get around this problem. Anyway, this is hands-down the most beautiful spindle in my collection.


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