This Girl's Bookshelf: My new blog

I am pleased to announce my new blogging project, This Girl's Bookshelf. It's a reading blog mainly featuring book reviews. I'm so excited to be able to read as much as I can during the summer, so I thought I'd share some of my excitement with the world. :)

Does this mean that Joyarna is going into retirement? Certainly not! I will be updating both blogs regularly. If you're interested in hearing what I think about the books I read, please visit This Girl's Bookshelf. It will be an Entrecard and Adgitize enabled blog as soon as it gets accepted into those programs.

I've reviewed two books so far, with a couple other miscellaneous posts. More reviews are forthcoming, as well as best-of lists, informational articles, and more. Check out This Girl's Bookshelf!


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  1. I will love to visit your new blog later after I fry the meatballs for hubby. I love reading too, but now I read more blogs lol.