Joyuna's Etsy Favorites: Sushi bar

I'm not gonna lie: I love sushi! The combination of the different flavors, the attractive arrangement of the pieces, the exotic ingredients. Sushi rolls have become almost as popular as cupcakes for "cute anthropomorphic food items", but I don't mind because I love it. Here's some cool, cute, spicy sushi stuff from Etsy's best.

One of the best and cleverest food-shaped-soap-shops I've seen has been DirtyAssSoaps. Besides their awesome name, they make some realistic, fun, and funny soaps that look good enough to eat. They have a wide variety of sushi soaps, enough for a whole meal. Plus other treats for dessert!

Dirty Ass Soaps Etsy DirtyAssSoaps sushi nigiri shaped melt&pour soap
Sushi roll and Nigiri soap

For a more symbolic take on the sushi-shaped-soap, I found this bar by Zozca. Zozca created this amazing soap inspired by a cocktail paired with sushi - The fragrance comes from a mix of essential oils and elderflowers infused in the coconut oil. A totally unique scent, with a totally unique look!
Saint Ginger Cocktail Soap handmade sushi soapbar on Etsy
St. Ginger Cocktail Soap

EonCreative makes some fluffy, comfy-looking pillows shaped after pieces of nigiri. (She also sells stuffed eda mame!)
Nigiri Sushi pieces pillows handmade craft on Etsy by EonCreative Eon Creative
Nigiri Sushi pillows
Shrimp nigiri sushi by Eon Creative Eoncreative on Etsy

All that sushi, of course, is not complete without the mandatory condiments of wasabi (aka Japanese Horseradish) and pickled ginger. I adore pickled ginger, I snack on it with or without sushi. Wasabi I usually pass on. But I couldn't pass on this little guy... How cute is it?!
Etsy Cornstarch Wasabi and pickled ginger stuffed plushie dolls handmade

Etsy seller Cornstarch makes all sorts of stuffed sushi dolls, but I think I love the wasabi and ginger plushies best. Her tagline is "Sushi you can hug". Too cute!

Let me tell you I had a lot of fun putting this list together... Who can resist it? Delicious AND cute!



  1. I love this post. There are so many creative people out there! Thanks for sharing.

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  3. OMG. I love those sushi items. Particularily the soap and the pillows. I need to get me some of those.

  4. Um...I still maintain that it is VERY unfair of soap makers to create enticing food items in soap! No fair!! Cute post:)

  5. I love the sushi pillows! I want one!

  6. Great post! Thank you for including my soaps!
    Nikie @ Zozca Soaps