Silky green beautifulness

Cami is finished! Ravelry page
Pattern: Lace Nightie from Interweave Knits
Yarn: Mei Mei Bamboo Silk, color Light Green

Mei Mei Bamboo Silk mint green lace nightie

I adore it, I cannot say how much I adore it. The yarn, the pattern, the quickness (took just over 2 weeks). It's splendifferous.

Lace cami in light mint green bamboo yarn

More below the cut.

I kind of threw out the pattern near the end, because I was getting too caught up in the joys of vertical bust darts that I forgot to BO for the back, so the back is slightly higher and then I had to compensate for that by binding off on the sides more quickly, or else I would end up with a camisole with a neckline more like a turtleneck.

Close up of shaping on bamboo cami

Meimei bamboo silk yarn tank top

But I forgive it for its imperfections, because it's beautiful and I love it. Oh, mint green silky thing of beauty, how I love you.



  1. I love the soft green color, and the fact that it is sleeveless, very nice.

  2. Very Nice! looks so comfy, and the colors great!

  3. It's lovely! Can't believe you finished it so quickly.

  4. It wasn't easy... I had to curb my natural polyamorous knitting habits. ;) The thing is, I wanted it finished in time for the boy, who flies in tomorrow afternoon. So, success! :)

  5. That's absolutely gorgeous! Delicate, yet strong. And the color is yummy - wonderful!

  6. That is absolutely adorable! I'm sure you feel very accomplished. And yay for you teaching a boy to knit:)

  7. You look lovely! And now I am inspired to try and make that one too. It looks really nice on you.