The offerings in my shop so far have been, yarn-wise at least, a bit drab. Maybe not drab per se, but certainly not colorful. Mostly natural-colored, brown and gray and white. But that all is about to change. Here is the latest colorful handspun yarn I've recently put up:

Rainbow colored corriedale handspun yarn

There's two skeins of this colorful corriedale, about worsted weight but thickish and thinish, that I have dubbed Party Time. Doesn't it just feel like a party?

Skein of blue red yellow pink green purple handspun wool yarn

The roving I started with looks really nothing like the finished product. It started out as a bright braid dyed pink, blue, and yellow, and then in spinning the colors all got mixed together into this happy blend.

Then there's the rambouillet, up for sale as 'Sugar and Spice'.

Hot pink and purple handspun wool yarn

It's soft and pink, so very very pink. Not exactly something I would use myself, but I know people who would go crazy for it.

Working on my yarnography skills. Since I've been home for spring break this past week, I did some shooting outside.

Bright pink and grape handspun rambouillet wool yarn

Turned out interesting I think.

News: The sock yarn is here, and I am busily dyeing it up. Expect me to list some of it next week.