The story so far

Cartoon self-portrait with knitted Doctor Who scarf

(I'm not really an artist, as you can see - but I enjoy doing my doodles.)

I'm definitely a relative newbie when it comes to knitting. However, I have become enchanted with the craft so I've made a lot of progress in a small amount of time. Here's a rundown of a few of the things I've made in the past six months.

Doctor Who Scarf (pictured above) - A giant, long garter stitch scarf made with 8 skeins of Wool of the Andes between September and November. Christmas present for my boyfriend. Upwards of 8 feet long. Ravelry page

My First Scarf - I've come so far. :3 Started it July 21, finished it a day or two later. Ravelry page
Sugar and Cream cotton knitted garter stitch scarf

Clapotis - Yes, everyone has made one. I made mine in laceweight on US3 needles. It was small and adorable. Christmas present for my mother, October - December. Ravelry page
Wool blue hand dyed Clapotis scarf

Askew - My first garment! It fits, more or less. It was so very quick to knit, though a wool tank top isn't exactly... practical. August. Ravelry page
Wool tank top in Knit Picks yarn

Socks! - Shown here is my first pair of socks. As soon as I got a hang of the double-pointed needles, I was addicted. I now consider myself a sock knitter, though I suffer horribly from second sock syndrome. (these socks - September) Ravelry page
Jojoland Melody Wool Socks

As well, I very recently started spinning. A picture of my progress:
First balls of handspun yarn
I am now trying to get down to a good sock yarn weight, because the idea of handspun handknit socks sends my heart all aflutter. Ya know?

So there we have it. Currently I'm working on socks, more socks, more socks still, a couple scarves, and my first sweater. I like to keep a lot of WIPs at once.


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