Bonus: More fun with the 700g yarn ball

I mentioned in my last post that I wound my latest spinning project into one giant ball for plying.

giant yarn ball bigger than my head one full sweater of yarn
The great yarnball

I have some extra photos of the massive ball that didn't fit in the last post. Because of course, if I'm going to have a 700g yarn ball, I'm going to have a photo shoot.

Giant ball of yarn next to long haired calico cat on bed
Cat for scale

A whole sweater of handspun yarn singles waiting to be plied
The three plies of yarn

Winding singles into giant plying ball
Winding the very, very large plying ball. Yes, this took ages, and yes, my hand was aching by the end.

Three balls of handspun singles being wound into a ply ball
Was it worth it? Probably not. But it was pretty funny having a basketball-sized ball of yarn.

Balancing giant ball of yarn on head
One sweater-to-be, balanced on my head


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