Interweave Earth Day Sale

The Interweave Store has sales pretty often, and when there's a good one I always like to grab a few things off my wishlist.

I already bought a few videos last week which I've been working through, but this sale was much too good to pass up -- 30% off digital products (Ebooks, patterns, etc), $2.99 magazines, and - this is what got me - $5.99 videos!

Nearly all their video downloads are included, including the HD versions which are usually a few dollars more than the regular ones. If your computer and internet connection are good, I really recommend the HD as it makes things much clearer - however I will warn you that they are big downloads, and slower computers might have trouble playing the large files.

I can already recommend videos like Margaret Stove's Spinning for Lace, Abby Franquemont's Drafting The Long and the Short of It, and for wool addicts such as myself, Three Bags Full and Handspinning Rare Wools (both are really a treat!). Now I look forward to watching Spinning Gossamer Threads and From Wool to Waulking.

Some of these videos retail for $30 or more, so I would grab the bargain while you can! :)
I really appreciate techniques videos as a visual learner, particularly for spinning. Interweave have a wide selection of videos for knitting, spinning, and weaving (among others!), most of which are very good!


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  1. I got a few of their videos in a past sale that was too good to pass up. Three Bags Full was one of them, I loved it.