Tour de Fleece!

It's the most spinning-y time of the year! Tour de Fleece has started, and, while I tend to treat every day as if it's a TdF day, I look forward to some serious spinning.

Sorry if you're bored by my spinning posts :) I seem to write about spinning a lot more than knitting lately. I think it's because with spinning, I'm constantly learning something new. Knitting another pair of socks or another hat, I'm probably not learning much unless I'm specifically trying out a new technique. Maybe my knitting has fallen into a rut. With spinning it seems like I'm always learning about a new fiber, or improving how I ply, or trying a new prep... There is no such thing as a ho-hum, boring spinning project. It's constantly exciting to me.

The first few days of the Tour, I have some plying planned to ease my way in before starting any new projects. Here's my results of the first day:

California Variegated Mutant Romeldale/CVM wool handspun into yarn in three natural shades

It's three different colors of Romeldale/CVM, spun about sportish weight. I'm hoping they will make a nice hat (it would certainly never stretch out of shape!). I'm absolutely in love with that caramel color - I haven't seen very much sheep wool in a shade like that. I did have some Manx Loaghtan once that was a similar brown but a touch darker.

More plying is on the schedule for tomorrow: I have some Oxford Down sock yarn, and a few small skeins of Shetland to ply up.


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