Koigu, I love you

Sometimes hand-dyed yarn can be a disappointment. Sometimes it looks so lovely in the skein, but you just can't capture that magic on the needles.

But sometimes, a very special yarn knits up exactly how you expected it to.

Koigu KPPPM sock yarn knitting into toe-up socks in purple, green, blue, and every other fabulous color

The good people at Koigu are color alchemists. I've had this yarn for a long time, afraid that I'd ruin it by knitting it. I've always known I would knit it into Pomatomus socks, a pattern that somehow does wonders with hand-dyed yarns, no matter how chaotic they seem.

Cookie A Pomatomus socks in Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino toe-up on KnitPro Karbonz needles magic loop
There are so many distinct shades in this skein of yarn - I've tried to decide how many, but I always lose count - but they all come together in perfect harmony. I just love this project.

And yet, I'm apprehensive - no matter how enchanted I am by the colors, by the yarn and the pattern, the yarn is 100% merino and I'm knitting socks. Historically, 100% merino socks have not done well on my feet. Koigu has a tight twist, and I'm knitting a firm fabric, but I don't know if that will be enough.

I long for the magical colors of Koigu with a bit of nylon - better yet, a many-ply yarn structure (Koigu is only 2-ply) and maybe not even merino. Short color repeats, nonpooling, myriad colors, hard-wearing sock yarn - any suggestions?


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  1. Blue Moon Fiber Arts is not non-pooling, but they just put out a BFL fingering weight yarn that I'm itching to turn into socks since I usually blow a hole in my merino socks after about a year or so of hard wear.