Holiday progress

I took a mini-break to North Devon over the weekend. It was lovely - the countryside, the seaside, the fish and chips and cream tea :) I saw lots of sheep (more on that later) but, more importantly, it was 4 hours in the car each way and plenty of driving between towns. That makes for a lot of knitting time.

I brought three projects with me for the trip - plying 4 shades for my Sheep Heid hat, a slouchy hat to go with my Katie sweater, and a sock - Pomatomus by Cookie A.

Before the trip, the singles were all unplied, the sock had yet to be cast on, and I had only knit the ribbing of the hat.

Here's what my projects looked like about halfway through the first day's drive:

Knitting and spinning works in progress Ethical Twist Koigu hebridean and manx sheep wool on spindle
Things were making progress. The plying went quickly - there wasn't very much there; only about 50-60g or so of fingering weight singles. The hat was coming along, and I had cast on the sock and finished the toe. (That's Koigu PPPM, by the way - a skein I've had in the stash for years, always intended for a pair of Pomatomus, and finally being used.)

Finally, here's my full progress after my 3-day weekend:
On the crown decreases for the hat (we arrived home at around dinner time, so I ended up finishing the hat that night), plied all the singles, and a few rounds into the chart on Pomatomus.

I think it's so neat to watch fabric being made beneath your fingers - knitting can be slow, but when you see progress being made, it's a great feeling. I guess that's part of why I prefer small projects to big ones!



  1. Your projects are coming along so nicely! The knit stitches look so even! :) Nice job! I tend to be too tense to knit and keep a consistent gauge over time. So I'm impressed ;) Also I must comment on your picture - I've never seen variegated yarn look so appealing ;) ♥ it! Happy Crafting! ♥ Dawn

    1. Hehe thanks! It comes from practice I guess. And I LOVE how that sock yarn is knitting up - I was worried that all the colors would clash and it would ruin the pattern, but I'm really pleased with it.