Had a Blast at Glasgow School of Yarn 2013

A few weekends ago I was back up in Glasgow for GSoY! Last year was its first year, and the second year was even better.

Glasgow School of Yarn Yarn Cake GSOY Mug

I do love Glasgow - I got to go back to the Botanic Gardens which I saw last year (though no woolly graffiti this time), and I also visited the Kelvingrove Gallery, a massive museum that covers both art and history. I saw some Egyptian weaving tools...
Ancient Egyptian spindle whorl linen weaving textiles Kelvingrove Glasgow

Took in some of Glasgow's native Mackintosh art...
Margaret Mackintosh Glasgow School panel art nouveau Kelvingrove

...and, at the church, even got to see the Mackintoshes themselves!
Charles and Margaret Mackintosh impersonators at Queens Cross Church Glasgow GSOY

I took Liz Lovick's spinning finer class, which was a wonderful experience and taught me a lot. You can see a few photos over at Liz's blog (you might even be able to find me in one of them!). Since the class I've been working hard on my frog-hair - mostly as a challenge to myself, though I'm hoping that I will be able to put all my practice yarns together into a shawl (I know that sampling and practice spinning is important, but I just can't bear to see "wasted" yarn!).

Here is what I brought back with me...
Glasgow School of Yarn Hilltop Cloud Old Maiden Aunt wool and fibre
Two braids from Hilltop Cloud - the green is Southdown which I have already begun spinning for socks, and the natural is a heavenly blend of BFL and camel. One skein of delicious merino silk from Old Maiden Aunt, the book A Legacy of Shetland Lace from Ripples Crafts, and a bit of Shetland fleece from the fine spinning workshop. And my GSOY mug and goodies! (I was quite honoured to get 2nd place in GSOY's design competition this year -- but that's another blog post for another time ;)

I met so many great people up in Glasgow - some I had met last year, like the amazing Yarn Cake team, and some for the first time, like Liz Lovick and Woolly Wormhead.

Before catching my train back, I also got to have a fascinating chat with fellow designer Karina Westermann, also known as Karie Bookish. Karie was quite understandably wiped out from a very busy Wool Week, but we had a great discussion about knitting culture, the design process, and various other stuff. She's blogged about knitting as identity, the challenges of social media, and the crafting marketplace - they are well worth a read.
Karie Bookish

After that, I had to dash back to Reading. It's funny, though - even the train ride was enjoyable. Rolling on through loads of countryside, mountains and tons of sheep (I mean tons). It was quiet and I got to sit and knit and tweet (ok, maybe mostly tweet)...
Scotland from the train sheep grazing in fields and rainbow


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