Hexi-update - making progress!

Yes, this is another post about hexipuffs. If you don't want to hear about it, I'm sorry - it's really the only project of mine lately which isn't a secret!

Variations on hexipuff patterns seed stitch round puff sock yarn scraps

I've knit 140 puffs at this point, and I've started to join them together. I'll need about 300 hexagons for my full quilt, so I'm nearly halfway there. Over the course of my puffing, I've tried out some variations such as center-out puffs and seed stitch puffs. They add just a little bit of variety.
The Beekeeper's Quilt hexapuff Tinyowlknits hexis sock yarn scrap afghan blanket

Here are the first 50 puffs I've joined together. I've been joining the puffs in groups of 10, which makes them easier to count and avoids the problem of certain colors grouping together over the course of the quilt. So I've been joining, little by little, and it's a thrill to see my quilt starting to come together.

I picked up a huge number of new yarns from my parents' house. All of my old leftovers were here, and it's great to add some new colors into my quilt. Even though the yarns are varied and arranged in no particular order, I think the craziness of it is somehow cohesive, and I like the way it looks.


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  1. I love the variation on textures you're doing, it's gonna be a very fun quilt!