Vicuna fiber - A little taste of luxury

As part of my fiber sampler project, I got a small bag of vicuna fiber from Wingham Wool Work. I spun it on my tiny spindle into a tiny, lovely skein.
Vicuna vicugna handspun lace yarn on drop spindle
These creatures were once extremely endangered; at one point there were reckoned to be fewer than 6,000 animals left. However, the vicuna is making a comeback. Even so, my little cloud of fiber came with a CITES document proving that it was imported legally!

At about £8 for 10g, it doesn't come cheap, of course. For a little perspective, if you don't buy fiber: It's about six times pricier than cashmere, and a whopping 50 times more expensive than a common sheep breed's wool. However, 10g of vicuna is a surprisingly large amount - I managed to spin 101 yards of yarn out of it.
Cinnamon brown vicuña cloud laceweight fingering yarn how to spin
This is noil, which means it's shorter than most vicuna fiber - it's probably a byproduct of spinning for commercial fabric. But actually, I didn't find it too hard to spin. The fibers are short, but they drafted easily and I didn't find my yarn breaking often. I used the double drafting technique to keep the yarn even. The end result was unbelievably soft, with a rich natural cinnamon brown color.


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