Handspun cobwebs

Just in time for Halloween, I have my cobweb... Not from spiders, but from my spindle.
Cobweb gossamer handspun lace yarn merino silk ecru undyed
You might have seen me plying this yarn (or faffing around with a tangly mess of thread) at GSoY. I spun the singles for Tour de Fleece and I've finally plied, measured, and finished it.

I spun this yarn on my Russian spindle, and it's by far the finest yarn I've ever spun. By my measurements, I managed to get 400 yards of 2-ply 38 wpi yarn out of 22 grams of merino/silk fiber. That's enough for a delicate wisp of a shawlette, hopefully. Since I spun it on my Russian, I'm looking into Orenburg lace motifs to knit with it.
Russian spindle handspun support spinning super fine orenburg lace yarn 2-ply
I'm a little bit enchanted by this yarn. I've never spun anything finer, and rarely knit with anything as fine. And maybe it's so fine as to be a little bit impractical (ie, do I really want to knit with it...?), but that just adds to the magic. It's so soft, and barely there at all, with a tiny bit of sheen, and a lovely white color with just the slightest touch of pale honey-blonde from the silk. I hope whatever I knit with it can do it justice.


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  1. absolutely stunning and WOW! such an awesome impressive yardage from just 22g too! when I first saw it on the UK Spinners group on ravelry, I had no idea it was from just that small amount. I will be posting a link to this blog post on the Fibreholics UK Group also on ravelry because that is about the size of the samples we send out in our boxes and your post will definitely give people inspiration to try the sample boxes of fibre for sure. Great work, cant wait to see your shawl :) Helen xx