USA Haul: The Cupcake Fiber Co

The Cupcake Fiber Co is a fiber shop I've had my eye on for quite some time. And since they offer free shipping in the USA, my trip abroad was the perfect opportunity for a splurge. I ordered two sets of Cupcake Fiber batts.

Cupcake Fiber Etsy creative packaging for handmade fiber

They shipped separately, which puzzled me until I opened the boxes -- each box fits the inner container like a glove, securing the batts in place in their 'cupcake cups'. In fact, for one of them, I actually had to cut the box to get the thing out! Anyway, this is the perfect way to ship batts so they don't get compacted in transit.

For both of my batt sets, the colors were consistently a little darker and more saturated than the photos on the web - so keep that in mind when you're shopping for your own. It was hard for me to accurately capture these colors, too.

I got 6oz of BFL-Silk in 'Peacock'...
peacock blue green pink mixed colour blended batt for spinning from cupcake fiber company

...and 4oz of Alpaca-Merino-Silk in 'Clover'.
Green forest clover alpaca merino wool silk spinning fiber

The batts even come with their own tags, so you can put them on your finished yarn and not forget the fiber content. :)
Peacock blue green fiber roving top drumcarded batt cupcakefiberco

The batts are lovely! Watch for an update later, to see how they spin.
Cup Cake Fiber Company Esty Etsy shop carded batt set



  1. I can't say enough good things about spinning the Cupcake fiber. I've got a box of 4 I'm saving for the Tour de Fleece!

  2. That's great to hear, I am especially looking forward to spinning the blue one. They're both so pretty, but I have my hands full with fiber projects at the moment!

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