Kyuubey in crochet amigurumi (with instructions)

Would you like to make a contract?

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica QB Kyubey stuffed plush toy crochet patter

It's Kyuubey, everyone's favorite cuddly satanic messenger!

If you don't know who Kyuubey is, he's from the brilliant anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica, currently on hiatus due to the tsunami. Even if you haven't seen much anime, this show is absolutely worth a watch. If you grew up on Sailor Moon, Cardcaptors, or other magical girl series, watch this one and your mind will be blown. Cute little pigtailed magical girls, with fluffy mystical animal companion, and elements of Faust, secret codes, suicide cults...
Faust Mephistopheles Madoka Mephisto Cubey toy crocheted Kyubeh with tutorial(more photos on Ravelry)

I'm a total crochet novice - I can't read crochet patterns, much less write them, but it's not hard to make your own Kyuubey. If you're familiar with the basic amigurumi techniques (single crochet, increase, decrease, slip stitch) you can make this. You stuff it as you go along; there's no sewing up involved.

You will need: A crochet hook, a yarn needle, stuffing, and yarn in four colors: white, pink, red, and gold (very small amounts of the last two), and some black yarn or thread for the mouth.
You can work this in any gauge, so long as the hook matches the thickness of the yarn so that the stuffing doesn't come through.

Read on for the how-to!

I started with the head by chaining 4 stitches, connecting the loop, and then increasing each round on two sides to form an oval shape. Once the bottom half of the head was the right shape and size, I worked a couple rounds even and embroidered french knots for the eyes (those eyes). Then I decreased around the top of the head and worked the white triangles of the ears as I closed the head up.

I slip stitched a little inside the ears in pink, and then continued to the body - picking up a few stitches around the neck, slip stitching around them to give the neck more stability. Then I increased in the back while decreasing in the front, to create the curve of the body.

Once I had done that for a few rounds, I made the spot - starting with a loop in white, increasing on two ends like I did for the head. After two or three rounds I switched to pink, and when it was the size I wanted it, I pinned it against the back. Then I began working back and forth on the body -- sc'ing around until I reached the spot, then doing a stitch into it, turning, and working back around until I reached the spot again. I continued doing this until the rest of the body was even with the back edge of the spot.
Magical Girl Madoka Magica familiar companion Kyuubei Kyuubee キュゥべえ amigurumi crochet

Working around again, I started decreasing for the butt/beginning of tail. Once the butt was the right circumference for the tail, I did alternating rounds of ss and sc for a few rounds, and then started increasing. Increase increase increase until you have the right tail thickness, work a couple rounds even, then decrease decrease decrease.

Congratulations, you have a Kyuubey body! For the back legs I picked up 3 stitches and for the front legs I picked up 2, just work sc rectangles for a few rows. The second set of ears were a combination of sc and dc but you could just do them in dc if you wanted. Pick up 2 or 3 sts from the ear triangles and work in rows, increasing every once in a while and switching to pink. You might want to make these ears longer, but I was running out of yarn.

The ear-ring-things were just 15 chain sts, connected loop, and attached to the back of the ear so they look like they're floating. Add a couple little embellishments like the red ear spots (french knot for the big one; looping the yarn through the fabric for the small ones) and a mouth, weave in all the ends (agggh) and you have your own magical girl creator. What will your wish be?
Kyubey stares into your soul. Cute demonic amigurumi from Madoka Magica

My instructions are a bit vague, but with a bit of messing with it and improvisation you should be able to figure it out.

If you enjoyed this free pattern, please check out my other patterns as well! :)

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  1. i wish there was a proper patter though because i cant do anything with this one =/

  2. Lilly asks for a "proper pattern". If you send me some close-up-pics of the details, I will be able to write the pattern. Top of head, legs, in-/decrease by tail/neck, ears without "curlies" and "curlies".
    The only anime, I've ever watched is Pokemon, but I find this Kyuubey insanely cute!

  3. amazing article