Spindles multiply (part two)

I've acquired a second new spindle very recently, and this one is extraordinary in several ways. It's the lightest spindle I own... heck, it's the lightest spindle I've ever found! It weighs a staggeringly light 6g, or "about 3 pennies' weight or just the dried shell of an egg".

Ultra light featherweight drop spindle Ambushbog Etsy seller

I got this unique spindle from the Etsy seller AmbushBog, who was wonderful working with me setting me up a custom spindle order. She's very thoughtful and great to work with. If she doesn't have any spindles in stock, send her a convo!
Super light tiny spindle handspinning yarn filigree whorl

Spinning on this super-light spindle reminded me a bit of spinning on a supported spindle - since the weight of the spindle is so insubstantial, you have to test the yarn yourself to make sure it's strong enough - the weight of the spindle will not be enough, and if you rely on that to judge the yarn's strength, it will pull apart on you.

It really spins on air, and everything about it is so delicate - from the intricate filigree whorl to the long, thin, elegant shaft. It is a real beauty, this tiny thing, and a long spinner too once it gets a little yarn wound onto it. A perfect choice for serious laceweight spinners, and beginners too - it makes spinning fine yarns quite effortless.


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  1. Love this spindle too - I'm off to look at the shop. Even if I don't use the spindle, it will look good just sitting there :)