Belle Bow - Free Pattern!

This is a fun little design I whipped up for scrap yarn - I used some of my handspun, a lovely batt from my friend CCSmile. She did a Beauty and the Beast Spinalong, so this is Belle's hairbow.

Belle BatB blue dress knitted hair ribbon

The bow is worked on small needles in the dense linen stitch so that the bow will maintain its shape - if you work it too loosely, it will be floppy.
I'm a child at heart, so this bow is "me-sized". As written, it will work as a normal-sized bow for an adult or an oversized bow for a child. You could easily adjust it to be child-sized, either by reducing the gauge or by casting on fewer stitches and knitting fewer rows.

Yarn: Approximately 30 yards of DK-weight or light worsted yarn
Needles: US3 (3.25mm) DPNs, US3 (3.25mm) straights (optional)
Materials: Yarn needle and an elastic hairtie

Linen Stitch (in the round)
Round 1: k1, (sl1 wyif, k1) to end
Round 2: p1, (k1, sl1 wyif) to last 2 sts, k1, p1

Linen Stich (flat)
Row 1 (RS): k1, (sl1 wyif, k1) to end
Row 2 (WS): k1, p1, (sl1 wyib, p1) to last st, k1

On DPNs, CO 59 sts.
Work 28 rounds of linen stitch, or about 2" (5cm).

On straights, CO 9 sts.
Work 32 rows of linen stitch, or about 3" (7.5cm).
Knitted scrunchie elastic hairband blue ribbon girly dress up

Weave in all ends.
Fold the loop flat, with the beginning of the round in the middle (it will look slightly different from the rest of the round - if you can't tell, don't worry about it).
Scrunch the loop together at the center and wrap the band around it, threading the hairtie through the band. Seam the band together and secure the hairtie, loop, and band together at the back.
Dressup knitted toys blue hair ribbon elastic

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