My knitting hangover

Thursday night I bound off the Wings of a Dream shawl, and it finished blocking Friday morning. I'm wearing it to my cousin's wedding this evening, and I will have pictures for you after that!

I had cast on Wings of a Dream way back in February, planning on giving myself plenty of time to finish it for the wedding. Of course, I only finished it the day before the wedding, and I only achieved that by working on the shawl nonstop for the past week and a half or so. And now... I don't want to knit a thing! I have a knitting hangover.

I'll just keep away from the yarn for a few days and once the aching in my hands subsides, I should be able to knit again. Hopefully!


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  1. A knitting hangover... I love it! I knit to relax not to finish things, so it I have to do a ton of it fast, I get big hangovers.