My July Comment Challenge results...

Last month I participated in the July Comment Challenge, courtesy of I am Harriet. I'm not normally a big commenter, so this was a chance for me to get out there and explore and interact with new bloggers. I had a lot of fun! The 'official' goal was 1000 comments, but I set a personal goal of 300 for myself - 10 comments a day.

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Things were going well in the first half of July. I left 149 comments between July 1 and July 15 - right on schedule. However, due to busyness in the second half of July, both planned and unplanned (dyeing, preparing for the boy's visit, various part-time work), I only ended up commenting 46 times for the rest of the month (many days I didn't have time to visit blogs at all, much less comment. My dropping patterns for the month are similar).

Anyway, my grand total is 195 comments this month! Which isn't quite my goal, but it's about 190 more comments than I would have left otherwise, so I'm very pleased! Thanks Harriet!



  1. i would totally call that a success too. I have to force myself sometimes to leave comments too. I can be so antisocial but blogging helps me stay connected with the world.

  2. Wow, way to branch out. Good for you!

  3. good for you! I try to comment as much as a can - sort of a "do onto others." Sounds kinda like the same idea! {:-D