Joyuna by the numbers

1895 blog views this week
788 Etsy shop views this week
7150 Etsy item views
55 items currently in shop
37 Etsy items sold
67 Etsy item hearts
128 Etsy shop hearts
203 Twitter followers
63 blog followers
91 blog posts
441 Flickr photostream views
35 Facebook fans

This post is inspired by a similar post in Biku Designs' blog. I think stats like this are very interesting! If anyone wants to post their own, we can compare. Not that it's a competition ;) But it is interesting to see how you measure up to other bloggers and crafters, IMO.



  1. Thanks for linking my blog Joyuna

  2. did you count the stats yourself???!!!!

  3. I used data gathered from Etsy, Google Analytics, Craftcult and the various websites :)

  4. Hey! Great idea. I just did a similar post. It's always interesting to look at the numbers for me.

  5. Pretty cool! I think I'll have to start keeping track like that, it's very organized :)